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Cadence Tracker

Cadence Tracker DJ Cadence (also known as Cadence) is the “party penguin” of Club Penguin and is a rather old mascot. Her first appearance was during the Club Penguin Dance-A-Thon event on January 15th, 2009. Unlike the other mascots, Cadence is a very exciting penguin as she performs entertaining activities — such as DJ-ing and consistent dancing. Cadence adopted a Purple Puffle named Lolz. However, despite owning one, she is not the founder of the Club Penguin Purple Puffle. Cadence is a light pink-colored with purple-dyed hair, green & grey headphones, a yellow & black scarf, a wristband and white dance shoes. Cadence uses a unique “teenager-slang” talk, such as “LOL” and “EPIC FAIL!”, which is another example of her fascinating originality. Cadence often uses her own dances to entertain others on Club Penguin during her visits. Some of her noble dances are entitled “Thriller”, “Breakdancer” and “Penguin Slide”. Cadence is the creator of the progressive Club Penguin multi-player mini game, Dance Contest. You will see her in the game when you’re choosing your difficulty. Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Puffle Handler, CeCe and Rocky are among the only female mascots on Club Penguin. Dot is a very well known mascot who specializes in the Elite Penguin Force, although she is not an official mascot. An autographed background can be obtained once Cadence has been spotted on Club Penguin. Cadence is a convincing example of Club Penguin‘s originality, friendly and exciting environment. Tips to Finding Cadence on Club Penguin:Cadence doesn’t visit the island frequently, though she always makes an appearance during an enchanting Club Penguin party. She primarily appears on Club Penguin during the Penguin Play Awards and Music Jam, which are considered the most illustrious annual parties in Club Penguin history. Cadence visits every Club Penguin server for roughly 15-20 minutes, but there isn’t any specific amount of time. Our Club Penguin Cadence Tracker is extremely effective and reliable, therefore it’s recommended to constantly refresh it. The Club Penguin Cadence Tracker is guaranteed to provide the quickest location updates possible. Cadence visits clustered servers during peak hours of the day, while she visits tranquil servers during quiet hours of the day. Unlike Rockhopper, Cadence is easier to pinpoint since she mainly appears in the Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Roof Top and exceptionally the Town. Similar to the other mascots, Cadence is regularly commanded by a human. Nevertheless, she is a robot at times. Cadence is likely to be encompassed by a large crowd during her visits, making her much more easier to recognize. Cadence may appear in foreign languages (such as Spanish and Portuguese) during dawn and late nights. Finding Cadence is always more effortless when tracking with an active group. Click here to visit our established Club Penguin Cadence Tracker Chat! With Cadence’s few arrivals, spotting her can be quite troublesome. Just remember that patience and constant effort is always rewarded with success. Besides, you are basically guaranteed to find Cadence using our Club Penguin Cadence Tracker .Recent Appearances: Ultimate Jam (July 2012) Fashion Show (February 2012) Music Jam (June 2011) Puffle Party (February 2011) Music Jam (July 2010) Upcoming Appearances Ultimate Jam 2013 (July 2013)

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Rockhopper tracker

Rockhopper Tracker Captain Rockhopper (also nicknamed “RH“, for short) is known for being the first and only pirate on Club Penguin and is especially prominent for being the first official mascot in Club Penguin history, making his first debut on March 7th, 2006 once he accomplished constructing his pirate ship, the Migrator. Rockhopper is very well known for numerousreasons, such as being the founder of the famous Red Puffle and visiting the snowy island more frequently than any other mascot (estimating approximately 4 appearances per year). Rockhopper is also regularly accompanied by his pet Red Puffle, Yarr, who was apparently adopted on the concealed Rockhopper Island. Rockhopper is a dark red penguin with a black captain’s pirate hat, large black eyebrows and a large black beard. Unlike other mascots, Rockhopper uses unique pirate phrases towards other Club Penguin users such as “Arr, matey!”. Rockhopper often shares self-created fictional short stories with other penguins when he visits the island, which is another explanation to why many users enjoy his visit. Rockhopper is the creator of the mini multiplayer game on Club Penguin, Treasure Hunt. Although, it can only be played on the Migrator during his appearances. Adjacent to the additional mascots, any penguin is gifted with a free autographed background when found on Club Penguin. To this day, Rockhopper has gifted 4 distinctive autographed backgrounds, which is far beyond the other mascots. Back in 2007, he would provide free eye patches rather than backgrounds. Rockhopper is a significant symbol of Club Penguin’s successful history. Tips to Finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin: Rockhopper has made countless arrivals to Club Penguin and essentially visits during the annual Fall Fair and Holiday Party, which are arguably the most notorious events on the island. Regularly, Rockhopper visits each server for roughly 15-20 minutes, sometimes less depending on the amount of penguins online. Our Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker is extremely accurate and contains immediate location updates, which what makes it the most legitimate tracking source. Rockhopper visits crowded servers during peak hours of the day, while he visits peaceful servers during still hours of the day. Rockhopper can be encountered nearly anywhere on the island, making him very tough to pinpoint, however he is commonly spotted within the Migrator. Rockhopper is generally administrated by a human, but may be a bot in certain occasions. Rockhopper is likely surrounded by a large restless crowd, which makes it slightly evident to recognizing him. Rockhopper usually appears in foreign language servers (such as French or Spanish) during dawn and late night. With the massive amount of users constantly searching for captain Rockhopper, spotting him may be very ambitious. However, patience and effort is always the key to success. RECENT ROCKHOPPER APPEARANCES: Adventure Party (August 2012) Rockhopper’s Quest (February 2012) Holiday Party (December 2011) Fall Fair (September 2011) Island Adventure Party (July 2011) Earth Day (April 2011) UPCOMING ROCKHOPPER APPEARANCES: Holiday Party 2012 (December 2012)

Puffle Handler Tracker

Puffle Handler Tracker Puffle Handler (also nicknamed “PH”, for short) is the most recently added official mascot on Club Penguin, debuting her first appearance during the Puffle Party on March 15th, . Resemblance to her name, she is the expert at puffles, presumably higher experienced than Aunt Arctic, who owns a handful of puffles herself. However, Puffle Hander is not the founder of any Club Penguin puffles. Although Puffle Handler is currently her authorized name, it has been announced that Club Penguin producers are searching for a more appropriate and fitting name. Puffle Handler is a tan brown penguin with a cow-boy era hat and long, appealing brown hair. Puffle Handler was first introduced within the Elite Penguin Force (DS) game in 2011. Her principal role was to lecture puffles into learning special abilities that would be useful in following missions. Puffle Handler was originally pink-colored in the Elite Penguin Force (DS), though she changed her physical appearance in 2011. Puffle Handler, Aunt Arctic and DJ Cadence are among the only female mascots on Club Penguin. A particular autographed background can be retrieved once you locate Puffle Handler on Club Penguin. Puffle Handler is a terrific representation on how key and significant puffles have become on Club Penguin, first appearing (and becoming adoptable) back in March, 2006. TIPS TO FINDING PUFFLE HANDLER ON CLUB PENGUIN: The Puffle Party is presently the only event Puffle Handler has made an appearance on the island, consequently making it unknown how often she visits and how difficult it is to locate her during her stays. At this moment, the Puffle Party is the only annual event on Club Penguin, thus indicating that the Puffle Handler may not visit more often than once per year unless certain new events are included in the coming years. Nonetheless, Puffle Handler is a regular mascot, hence illustrating that she remains on each individual server for a respective 15-20 minutes and our accurate Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker will work as promising as ever. Puffle Handler’s in-game name is “PH”, not Puffle Handler. Puffle Handler visits clustered servers during peak hours of the day, while she accesses quiet servers during still hours of the day. Puffle Handler is confronted primarily in the Pet Shop and occasionally the Plaza or Town. Puffle Handler is generally administrated by an active human, however during limited hours, she’s likely controlled by a bot. Puffle Handler is likely to be enclosed by a large crowd when she’s spotted, making her current location easier to find. Puffle Handler can be spotted on foreign languages (such as Portuguese and Spanish) during dawn and late night. Considering Puffle Handler does not visit quite often, finding her on Club Penguin can be an unnecessary additional chore. However, patience and continuous effort is always the key to success. RECENT PUFFLE HANDLER APPEARANCES: Puffle Party 2012 (March 2012) UPCOMING PUFFLE HANDLER APPEARANCES: Puffle Party 2013 (March 2013)

Protobot Tracker

Protobot Tracker About Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000: Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 (also nicknamed “Protobot“, for short) is currently the only known robot on Club Penguin and is one of Club Penguin’s numerous outrageous enemies. Although Protobot cannot be encountered on Club Penguin, he was a meet-able character within the Elite Penguin Force (Nintendo DS) game. Protobot is the rightful leader of the Test Bots, which were originally harmless, unfinished invention of Gary the Gadget Guy that were habitually found inside the Gadget’s Room during PSA Missions. However, they became certified enemies once they became ordered by Protobot. Being a self-built robot, Protobot is constructed of multitudinous assembled materials: red tubes (arms), mechanical claws (hands), blue & red inflatable tubes (shoulders), Night Club speakers (upper body), ticket booth (primary body), minecart (lower body) and the Aqua Grabber cockpit bubble (brain/head). Respectively, Protobot is kaleidoscopic. It is also considerably the creator of the Club Penguin arcade mini-game, System Defender. Despite not being an official mascot, Protobot does have a legitimate ID in Club Penguin’s files. Therefore, it’s a possibility that he may be a mascot in the future, however that is unlikely considering he’s a notable enemy to Club Penguin agents. History of Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000: In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (DS), Protobot captures Gary and the Elite Puffles. The represented players must rescue them and ultimately destroy Protobot before anymore damage is inflicted on the EPF. In 2011, Herbert repaired Protobot on Club Penguin to assist him permanently annihilate the Elite Penguin Force. Protobot accepted the invitation and began plotting his revenge with Herbert and Klutzy, notorious Club Penguin villains. Consequently, Protobot began taking the situation much too iniquitous, therefore Herbert adjudicated to ally with the Club Penguin EPF to dismantle Protobot once more. Once it was fundamentally defeated with a bucket of water, Herbert admitted to only wanting to overcome the EPF, not destroy them. Furthermore, both he and Klutzy returned to being Club Penguin’s transcendent antagonists.

Penguin Band Tracker

Penguin Band Tracker ABOUT THE CLUB PENGUIN PENGUIN BAND: Club Penguin Band Tracker The Penguin Band (also nicknamed “PB”, for short) are notably the official music band of Club Penguin, debuting their first mascot appearance during their first authentic tour on July 24th, 2008, which was the launching day of the Music Jam 2008. The Penguin Band were first introduced in the late years of Penguin Chat 3, though did not make an appearance in 2005 during Club Penguin’s Beta release. Nonetheless, the Penguin Band reappeared during the Winter Luau party in 2006 and delivered their initial autographed background several months later during the Western Party 2006. However, they weren’t official mascots until 2008. Contrary to the additional Club Penguin mascots, the Penguin Band consists of four individual band members: Franky, Stompin’ Bob, Petey K and G Billy. FRANKY: Franky was originally an employee of the Pet Shop until he joined the Penguin Band in 2006. According to Club Penguin related sources, he is the latest member of the band. Although nothing is official. Franky is the guitarist (acoustic guitarist, to be exact) of the band. He occasionally plays other instruments, such as the banjo and keyboards. Franky is currently yellow-colored with a green jacket, regular blue jeans and purple kicks. His autochthonous display was a basic yellow penguin with no body item, red shoes, an acoustic guitar and a brown cowboy hat, although his appearance (along with the rest of the Penguin Band) was upgraded during the Music Jam 2011. STOMPIN’ BOB: Stompin’ Bob’s history is more unfamiliar than the other Penguin Band members, especially Franky. Though, in a Club Penguin Times issue, he has admitted that he would be a poem writer for the newspaper if he wasn’t a musician. Stompin’ Bob is the bassist (string bassists or electric guitarist, to be more precise) of the band and is a self-taught musician. Although he constantly practises his musical skills, his only known instrument is the string bass. Stompin’ Bob is currently red-colored with a navy blue t-shirt, a fashionable white belt and wristband with patterned black stripes, casual blue jeans, brown hair and a red electric guitar. He was originally a red penguin with a black guitar case strapped around his waist; however his appearance was upgraded to a more formable look during the Music Jam 2011. PETEY K: Petey K has more of a hobby than the other Penguin Band members. In several occasions, he announced that he was the artist behind several musical pieces around Club Penguin, such as music tracks for member igloos and the melody for Faery Fables. Petey K is the accordionist of the band, however he occasionally plays the piano. Similar to Stompin’ Bob, he is self-taught and practices regularly whenever he has free time. Petey K is currently green-colored with grey transparent shades, a toque with minimal visible blonde hair, a white t-shirt followed by a groovy black vest, common blue jeans, old-fashioned brown shoes and a large, brown accordion. Petey K was originally a green penguin with his current accordion, thin black glasses and a brown cowboy hat, identical to Franky’s hat. His appearance was also enhanced during the Music Jam 2011. G BILLY: G Billy is much more unique and country than the other Penguin Band members. According to Club Penguin, G Billy was a chef at the Pizza Shop before joining the band in 2006. Unlike the other Penguin Band members, G Billy often speaks teenager slang (such as wanna, gonna, idk) towards other users when he visits the island. G Billy is the drummer of the band, however he occasionally plays woodwind instruments, such as the flute, trumpet, clarinet and recorder. In Penguin Chat 3, G Billy was nothing more than an old-blue penguin and continued to remain only navy blue during the early years of Club Penguin. Soon after, G Billy added drumsticks and a brown cowboy hat (similar to Franky and Petey K’s hats) to his appearance. His appearance was later enhanced during the Music Jam 2011, which is now his current look: navy blue, red bandana tied over his brown hair, fancy country-style white & black shirt, old-fashioned brown belt, casual blue jeans, thick brown shoes and a set of drumsticks. In general, the Penguin Band has created several famous Club Penguin music pieces such as “Better Days”, “Wild Wild West” and “Penguin Boogie”, which can be found when playing Dance Contest. The Penguin Band is also a perfect illustration of Club Penguin’s long hard-working history, dating back to early 2005 when Penguin Chat 3 was being used. TIPS TO FINDING THE PENGUIN BAND ON CLUB PENGUIN: Since debuting in 2008, the Penguin Band has only visited the island during two Club Penguin events per year: the Music Jam and the Penguin Play Awards, which are both sustainably the largest events in Club Penguin history. Although they are all one official band, the members are usually found on Club Penguin separately or in pairs of two, but rarely together as one. Nonetheless, they all gift the exact same autographed background and our Club Penguin Band Tracker continues to function properly. Each Penguin Band member respectively remains on one server for 15-20 minutes. The Penguin Band is only found at the Stage and Backstage during the Penguin Play Awards, but they can be spotted nearly anywhere a stage is found during the Music Jam. The main rooms they can be located during the Music Jam are Backstage and the Iceberg. The Penguin Band visits crowded servers during peak hours of the day and quiet servers during dawn and late night. All Penguin Band members can visit foreign languages at any time of the day, preferably dawn and late night. Most Penguin Band members are administrated by humans, however depending on how many members are online and what time of the day it is, they may be bots. When one band member is online, it’s very likely all the band members are online, but on different servers. During certain occasions, one band member may take a brief break from appearing publicly on the island. Don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to locate the Penguin Band. With 4 separate band members, your chances are increased. Also, you are basically guaranteed to the find the band using our Club Penguin Band Tracker. Recent Penguin Band Appearances: Ultimate Jam Preparations (July 2012) Music Jam (June 2011) Music Jam (July 2010) Penguin Play Awards (March 2010) Upcoming Penguin Band Appearances: None at the moment

Sensei Tracker

Sensei Tracker The Sensei ( also considered “??????” when the Dojo collapsed) is the “Jitsu Master” of Club Penguin, making his first appearance on July 3rd, 2008. Sensei is undoubtedly that most mysterious penguin on Club Penguin, however, he’s credibly the most important mascot on the island considering he is the founder and creator of the notorious Ninjas (including Water and Fire Ninjas). Sensei first appeared on the island after a devastating storm destroyed the Dojo, although was Sensei’s identity was concealed. Finally, when the Dojo was successfully repaired, Sensei revealed himself and introduced Card-Jitsu, which continues to be today’s prominent Club Penguin game. Sensei is a grey-colored penguin with a long white beard and a straw hat. Overall, his appearance is similar to an old man. Resemblance to his identity, Sensei talks very esoteric and calmly, similar to the way a real Japanese master might speak. During his rare visits, Sensei teaches Ninjas improved training and advanced skills. One time, Sensei was caught walking on walls as one of his “special abilities”. However, this Ninja ability was never added in the future. Card-Jitsu has become incredibly popular that Club Penguin decided to stock real Card-Jitsu cards in local stores. You can purchase these cards to unlock online Card-Jitsu cards. A particular background can be obtained when Sensei is spotted on Club Penguin. Approaching Rockhopper, Sensei greatly signifies Club Penguin‘s history of brilliant ideas that improved the game significantly. HOW TO FIND SENSEI ON CLUB PENGUIN: Sensei is distinctly the least-visiting mascot of them all. Sensei appears on Club Penguin approximately once per year, and unfortunately doesn’t remain long. Sensei regularly visits in the month of November for a Card-Jitsu event. Usually the event is a new Card-Jitsu element, such as Card-Jitsu Water, however it may be a Card-Jitsu related party. Fortunately, Sensei acts like a normal mascot and remains on each individual server for a respective 15-20 minutes. Thus indicating that our Club Penguin Sensei Tracker 2012 functions perfectly fine and continues to guarantee you an encounter with the Sensei. Sensei visits crowded servers during peak hours of the day and visits calm servers during nadir hours of the day. Thankfully, when Sensei is online, he’s much easier to locate than other mascots as he is only found in the Dojo area. This includes the Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, Volcano (Fire Ninja Hideout) and Waterfall (Water Ninja Hideout). Sensei is generally controlled by a human, although he may be administrated by a bot depending on the time of day. Sensei is likely a bot when Club Penguin’s headquarters are closed. Sensei may appear in foreign languages during dawn and early mornings. When Sensei is online, there is usually a large restless crowd surrounding the Dojo Courtyard to enter either the Dojo or the Ninja Hideout. This usually indicates that Sensei is in a nearby room. Remember to use our Club Penguin Sensei Tracker 2012 Chat for a much facile tracking experience — click here! With Sensei’s small amount of arrivals, locating him can be quite irritating. Nonetheless, effort and patience is indefinitely the key to continuous success. Don’t give up! RECENT SENSEI APPEARANCES: Card-Jitsu Party (November 2011) Water Ninja release party (November 2010) Fire Ninja release party (November 2009) Ninja release party (November 2008) Dojo repair party (July 2008) UPCOMING SENSEI APPEARANCES Snow Ninja release party (Spring-Winter 2012?)

Rookie Tracker

Rookie Tracker About Rookie: Rookie (also known as agent Rookie) is an appreciated and neophyte Elite Penguin Force agent, making his first debut during the April Fools Party on March 24th, 2011. Rookie is acknowledged among Club Penguin users in behalf of his mirthful behavior and silly actions, which relates to most children. Despite his popularity, not much is known about Rookie except for his obvious clumsiness and novice secret-agent abilities. Rookie has not made much personal information public, regardless of first appearing (not as an official mascot) way back in the 3rd PSA mission in 2007. Unlike certain mascots, Rookie is very exciting around Club Penguin users and enjoys to constantly entertain them with unlimited delighting activities. Rookie is friends with many other (official) mascots, such as Gary, Jet Pack Guy and Dot. Rookie enjoys creating humorous poems and jokes in his free time. Although it’s unconfirmed, Rookie’s apparent favorite Puffle is the Orange Puffle due to their attitude resemblance. He may even secretly own one. A particular autographed background can be obtained when Rookie is spotted on Club Penguin. Rookie is a great illustration of Club Penguin’s original and friendly behavior towards their users. Tips to Finding Rookie on Club Penguin Rookie's Playercard Unfortunately, Rookie does not visit Club Penguin often; making only 2 appearances since his first mascot visit in March of 2011. On average, Rookie is not expected to visit more than twice per year. Nonetheless, Rookie auspiciously visits the Club Penguin island during his personal favorite and very populated event: the annual April Fools party. Rookie remains on each server for a respective 15-20 minutes, occasionally more due to his lack of appearances. Furthermore, our Club Penguin Rookie Tracker works as exceptional as always and continues to be successful thanks to its popularity. Rookie visits crowded servers during peak hour of the day and silent servers during nadir hours of the day. During the April Fools Party, Rookie is mainly found within the Box Dimension (including the different portals within it). However, he can occasionally be encountered in the Snow Forts. Rookie is often controlled by a human, however can be administrated by a bot when Club Penguin business hours have abolished. When located in a specific room, it (and nearby rooms) will often be extremely crowded. This helps indicate if Rookie is on the server in a nearby room or not. Rookie normally appears in foreign languages during dawn and early mornings rather than English servers. As a result of his seldom appearances, tracking Rookie can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, you can increase your tracking frequency by using our popular Club Penguin Rookie Tracker Chat – click here! Often, users are discouraged once they’re unable to located Rookie after many attempts. However, consistent effort and patience is the key to great success. RECENT ROOKIE APPEARANCES: Underwater Expedition (January 2012) April Fools Party 2011 (March/April 2011) April Fools Party 2012 (March/April 2012) UPCOMING ROOKIE APPEARANCES: The Fair 2012 (September 2012) April Fools Party 2013 (March/April 2013)

Rocky Tracker

Rocky Tracker Rocky Blue, who is great friends with CeCe Jones, is a brand new Club Penguin mascot who made her first appearance during the Club Penguin “Make Your Mark — Ultimate Jam 2012“ event. In early June 2012, a new file was found indicating that Rocky had become an official Club Penguin mascot (ID: 30) Unlike the other fictional Club Penguin mascots, Rocky is originated as a dancer from the Disney comedy/family television series, Shake It Up! Rocky is an aqua-colored penguin with brown hair, a striped t-shirt, a pink skirt, a white bracelet and black dance shoes. She always contains a unique Club Penguin background — a stage with tons of surrounding spotlight and paparazzi. Along with our Club Penguin Rocky Tracker, extremely accurate and helpful tips to finding her on Club Penguin can be found below. Tips to Finding Rocky on Club Penguin: To this day, Rocky has only made one appearance on Club Penguin, which was during the Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 party. Still, it is still arguably the most popular annual event in Club Penguin history. Considering she is a new mascot, it is difficult to determine any unique features of Rocky. however, our Club Penguin Rocky Tracker will remain very efficient. Rocky visits crowded servers during peak hours of the day, while she visits peaceful servers during quiet hours of the day. Rocky can be found in nearly any Club Penguin room except the Dojo, Mine Shack and so forth. During the Ultimate Jam 2012, she is mainly found Backstage. Rocky is usually administrated by a human, but may be a bot at times. Rocky is likely surrounded by large crowds, which often makes it very easy to recognize her location. Rocky appears in foreign language servers (such as French or Spanish) during dawn and night (when the North American Club Penguin Support is offline). Trying to find a brand new mascot such as Rocky on Club Penguin can be fairly difficult considering there are thousands of others searching for her. However, patience and constant effort will always pay off eventually – guaranteed.

Herbert Tracker

Herbert Tracker About Herbert P. Bear: Herbert P. Bear (alias “Herbert Polar Bear, Esquire” or “Herbert“, for short) is an efficacious Club Penguin antagonist character whom first appeared at the terminal of the PSA Secret Mission 5: Secret of the Fur, which was launched on November 6th, 2007. Within this mission, he insignificantly terrorized penguins around the Club Penguin island to remain warm, a result of not being fond of the cold. After an entire 50+ months since his debut, Herbert continues to be Club Penguin’s primary enemy, supremely Elite Penguin Force agents. Herbert is a large (in both size and weight) and pure white polar bear with a hostile face expression. It has been claimed that Herbert is a vegetarian, which is understandable taking into consideration his natural habitat. Similar to Sensei, Herbert possesses bulky grey eyebrows along with an original steel-blue nose. His fundamental acquaintance is Klutzy the crab, who ostensibly rescued Herbert from drowning during his departure to Club Penguin. Herbert’s critical objective is to ultimately conquest the Elite Penguin Force, along with Director and further companions. History of Herbert P. Bear: PSA Secret Missions: Herbert appeared throughout PSA Secret Missions 5-11. Herbert was officially identified as a villain within Mysterious Tremors (mission 7), when Herbert and Klutzy officially began plotting their revenge on agents across the island. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Nintendo DS): Herbert contained a primary foe role within this second official Club Penguin Nintendo DS game. EPF Field Ops: In Mission 11, Herbert victoriously annihilated the PSA Headquarters. Therefore, Gary the Gadget Guy was forced to abandon the PSA and surreptitiously begin authorizing the Elite Penguin Force. This scene is the first in-game exposure of agent Dot and the Director. Shortly later, Club Penguin Field Ops were introduced, which are weekly “mini-missions” where agents must locate a hidden device (planted by Herbert) and complete given puzzles to halt Herbert’s devious schemes. System Defender: Herbert is known to be the creator of System Defender, a strategy game that can be played to the left of the EPF Headquarters. This game was launched for agents to play when Herbert reconstructed the Ultimate Protobot 10000. Battle of Doom: This event occurred imperceptibly after the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011. Herbert discovered the hydras (mechanical sea monsters) and transformed them into destructive robots under his command. Operation: Hibernation: This event ensued clandestinely to EPF agents during the Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011. The ambition, which was administrated by Gary, was to put Herbert into hibernation. Although this task went according to plan, Klutzy was able to escape the “Hibernation Tube”. Operation: Hibernation is still in effect today, though there have been reports that Herbert is deliberately awaking and may enliven soon. Herbert is expected to make another character appearance during Operation: Blackout in August 2012. Unfortunately, no further information regarding any upcoming Club Penguin missions involving Herbert are known.

G Tracker

Gary Tracker About Gary the Gadget Guy: Gary the Gadget Guy (also nicknamed “Gary” or more commonly “G”, for short) is the primary inventor and scientist for Club Penguin, making his first appearance during the Halloween Party on October 29th, 2008. Despite his eminent occupations, he’s also surreptitiously the executive of Club Penguin secret agents, including the Elite Penguin Force. However, in 2010, it was confirmed that the official head administrator and founder of the PSA and EPF is the esoteric Director. As an avid scientist and inventor, Gary is, of course, very intelligent towards both media (such as Club Penguin Times) and users during his visits. Gary is a navy blue penguin with thick, circular glasses and a large white lab suit. In certain occasions, Gary wears additional items depending on the current event (such as wearing a Jet Pack during the Festival of Flights party). Gary uses intelligent phrases when communicating with others. He’s a modest fan of knowledgeable communication. Gary has created various significant inventions and gadgets throughout his career, such as the EPF Phone and the Tube Transport. Consequently, Gary has constructed many failed inventions as well, such as the Ski Lift 1000. Regardless of becoming an official mascot in 2008, Gary was first introduced within the Club Penguin Times back in early 2006. Gary is often the leader of critical missions. In these situations, his role is to guide agents with specific instructions to accomplishing miscellaneous tasks. Founder of the former Sports Shop and current Everyday Phoning Facility. A particular autographed background can be obtained when Gary is found on Club Penguin. Gary is the dominant penguin behind many successful former Club Penguin inventions, comparatively the famous PSA phone. HOW TO FIND GARY ON CLUB PENGUIN: Behind Rockhopper, Gary credibly visits the island most frequently, averaging two appearances per year. Gary substantially appears during Elite Penguin Force events and the notorious and annual Halloween Party. Gary regularly logs in each server for relatively 15-20 minutes, occasionally more during the Halloween Party considering the amount of users online. Our Club Penguin Gary Tracker is exceptionally accurate and is updated immediately upon Gary’s latest location. Gary visits crowded servers during peak hours of the day while he regularly visits calm servers during dawn and late night. Gary is usually encountered within special party rooms that are only available during certain events, such as the Dark Chamber during the Halloween Party. Alternatively, he can be found within the EPF Headquarters. Gary is often administrated by an actual human; however it is indefinitely possible that he is controlled by a bot whenever Club Penguin’s business hours are offline. Gary is plausibly surrounded by a large restless crowd whenever he’s spotted online. This can help identify his location when he’s in a nearby room. Gary can appear on a foreign language serves (Spanish, Portuguese, etc) during dawn and early morning. Finding Gary is always effortless when tracking with an active group. Click here to visit our extremely active Club Penguin Gary Tracking Chat! With the large amount of users online during the Halloween Party, it can be quite difficult to locating Gary, especially as a non-member. Nonetheless, patience and effort is always the key to success, eminently when you’ve got our tracker for your convenience. RECENT GARY APPEARANCES: Medieval Party 2012 (May 2012) Halloween Party (October 2011) Great Snow Race (August 2011) Halloween Party (October 2010) Penguin Play Awards (March 2010) Halloween Party (October 2009) Festival of Flights (August 2009) UPCOMING GARY APPEARANCES: Halloween Party 2012 (October 2012)